15 Remarkably Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees in a Business

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Find ways to show metrics and progress toward your team’s goals. Making positive progress visible gives team members more motivation to keep up the good work. Showing people the progress of good behavior can drive more positive behavior. Sign up to receive employee engagement and company culture articles by email. We understand that there are times when you, as a leader, would have to make tough decisions.

  • You can develop this mindset in your team by encouraging personal growth.
  • By promoting workplace diversity your employees will feel and understand that thinking outside the box or being different is an asset to the company.
  • With the loser contest, leaders can pick any metric against which they’ll measure their reps over a specific time period.
  • Similarly, the duration of interaction with your employees has reduced significantly.
  • Unfortunately, if you do that, there’s a pretty good chance that some of your best people will leave after 2-3 years.

By delegating tasks, you’ll be able to make the most of your team’s talents and skills. As the leader of your team, it’s important that you lead by example. This means working hard and being passionate about your goal. It also means being willing to take risks and experiment with new ideas.

Encourage healthy competition

Super helpful guide to no only getting the best work out of your employees, but ensuring that they feel appreciated as well! We’ve been trying hard to come up with new ways to motivate our employees and promote teamwork. I’m going to bookmark this page, I love all of the additional resources at the end of each section.

Create a ‘quiet zone’ for anyone who needs privacy to work on a solo task. If this isn’t possible, consider implementing a ‘no interruptions’ time of day, e.g. 2pm-4pm. A 5-10 minute team chat in the mornings is a great chance to update each other, address any challenges and get the ball moving.

Encourage Professional Development

Coming to quantifiable measures, employee surveys are a proven way to go about it. You don’t want to demotivate your remote employees while assessing their motivation. Opt to go the Harvard way while taking surveys which gives you a score of motivation by taking into account various factors and then calculating on them.

What are the 4 types of motivation?

  • Incentive motivation. Incentive motivation is all about external rewards.
  • Fear motivation. Here you're motivated by the fear of an undesirable outcome.
  • Power motivation.
  • Social motivation.

Before I jump to strategies for 15 Effective Ways To Motivate Your Team your remote employees, it is necessary to discuss what is motivation. Motivation can be of two types – extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic refers to anything that is induced from outside.

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This way, they’ll be especially motivated when you bring these programmes to life. Transparency has a direct correlation with trust, another powerful motivational tool. If you’re hiding bad news, being evasive or generally just being perceived as acting a little ‘shady’, distrust will spread quickly. This will demotivate teams and, over time, the whole organisation. Understanding how to motivate your employees begins with selecting the right people to motivate them. Leaders who are adept at motivating others are goal-orientated, positive, people-focused and always driven to set the right example.

  • If you’re in the office, ensure that you have healthy snacks and beverages on hand for employees when they need an extra motivation boost.
  • Rarely will work go completely according to plan, and it is scientifically proven that sharing bad news at work is better for motivation than no news at all.
  • Some people feel their career path is more important than incentives.
  • This means being there for your team when things go wrong and offering help when needed.
  • There is a lot of talk about self-love right now but it’s all for good reason.
  • Trust them, and this will give them the courage to do more.

Besides, you may schedule a meeting at say 9 A.M., but that might not be good with everyone on the team. So, now you have to wreck your brain to come up with a time that’s convenient for all. All of your remote employees have different patterns and times for working.

Provide a Positive competition

If you remember only one thing from this post, it’s to recognize how important progress really is for you as a manager. And all of these then are moments you weren’t making progress, or even taking steps backward. If that went on long enough, you probably experienced learned helplessness, and maybe even burned out.

  • The first and foremost challenge of working remotely is in communication.
  • Motivated employees tend to stay longer at companies because they’re able to see the potential for future growth there.
  • This is a great way to encourage innovation and support new ideas and will help teams bond over growth opportunities.

Additionally, many of your employees have gone back to their hometown. With a hindrance in transportation, it is not possible for them to come back to work in your company. To top it off, remote working goes hand in hand with the tech world. It lets you avail the latest technological updates from around the globe.

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I find it extremely difficult to coddle and finesse employees to complete simple obvious tasks and then after they do finally complete them, they some how deserve the world. I find myself constantly trying to understand the differences in the workplace now as opposed to when I began in my chosen profession. In his treaty “Goal setting theory of motivation” Edwin Locke describes the direct connection between work performance, clear goals and sustainable motivation. Because goals not only clearly define areas of responsibility but with them, the feeling of responsibility grows as well.

  • By making work fun, you’ll create an environment that people will want to be a part of.
  • This is a sure-fire way to promote employee motivation, develop team building and engage people in their work.
  • They’ll feel more buy-in to the project and product more.
  • Likewise, Rieva Lesonsky, the CEO, President, and Founder at GrowBiz Media, reminds us that we’d all do well to remember that most of us were once employees too.

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